Get rid of emotional eating in 5 steps!

Break the cycle of emotional eating and discover personalised solutions that make it easy to overcome cravings. Allow me to support you with a unique toolkit to overcome emotional eating, so you can finally break free from weight problems and enjoy life freely.


Emotional eating management

This is your program if you...

Often eat out of emotion

These 5 step program is an ideal choice if eating often becomes a way of coping with stress and emotional challenges. The personalised approach helps you understand and address the root causes of emotional eating.

Lose control of yourself

This program will help you regain control. It supports you with concrete strategies and tools to respond effectively to emotional urges. Take control! I give you all the tools you need.

Can't do it alone

Managing emotional eating is not an easy task. With an experienced expert to guide you along the way, you'll reach your goals more efficiently and quickly. Together we'll develop a toolkit that will stay with you for life.

Often feel guilty about eating

That guilty feeling after a heavenly chocolate bar spoils the experience, doesn't it? This programme will help you to stop feeling guilty about eating and finally enjoy the taste. We will understand and address guilt in several steps. What is certain is that the bitter feeling will disappear after working together!

You prefer a practical approach

The Emotional Eating Program is very practical. It is important to implement the knowledge into your everyday life to develop new skills in the subject. I will give you all the tools to do this.

Care about the reason for your emotional eating

During the program, we will decipher the reasons for your emotional eating. I assure you, you'll have a few "aha" moments. You'll also learn a good deal of useful information about the phenomenon that will be useful to you throughout your life.

This is your time to achive your dream body! Apply now!

But Anna,

I don't know what to do if...

...I often can't stop eating, even when I'm full

The program also helps to manage overeating. If you often can't stop eating even when you're full, this is the place for you. By overcoming overeating, you can also get closer to the shape you want. I love win-win situations!

...I often eat even when I'm not hungry, just stressed

The aim of the program is to help you recognise the triggers of emotional eating and learn to use other, healthier stress management strategies instead of eating.

...I can't lose weight because I eat too much, especially when I'm stressed

The treatment program helps to uncover the reasons behind emotional eating and offers effective tools to manage stress without making eating the only escape. emotions guide my decisions, and sometimes I don't know why I eat

In emotional eating management, you can learn to become more aware of your feelings and the situations that influence your eating habits. Personalised therapy helps you to restore emotional balance and make healthier decisions.

If at least 1 statement is true for you, then apply!

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