Are you looking for me?

Yes, if you're tired of trying and being disappointed...

One of my main goals with my programs is to come up with concrete-safe solutions. I want your life to start soaring in a positive direction after working with me. I want to be a part of you reaching your goal! How can I help?

Lifestyle change


With my fully personalised program, you can easily incorporate healthy habits into your life and end up in control of your own body with complete confidence, gaining all the knowledge you need first-hand.

binge eating
Binge eating treatment


This program is a complex, comprehensive and practical way to help you get rid of out-of-control eating and shame.

érzelmi evés
Emotional eating management


Let me give you a unique toolkit to help you overcome emotional eating so you can finally get rid of your weight problems and enjoy life.

Achieve your dream shape!


Close your eyes and imagine what you would look like with your dream shape. What clothes would you wear? How would you feel? The good news is, with my 6-step programme, you can easily achieve your goal.

Why is it better with me than without me?

Because we have a common goal!

Your goal will be my goal. I will support you wholeheartedly, motivate you and help you to live the life, in the body you have always dreamed of.

Becouse i give you a new perspective

I see you completely differently, I can look at you and your problems from an outside perspective. I know the dynamic background of eating problems and I am able to show you the good perspective. Working with an expert can be so liberating!

Because personal contact is worth its weight in gold

We will become friends during the program. (Maybe longer) I will be the one you can count on, the one you trust, the one you tell your problems to, the one you dare to be yourself next to. We will reach your goal together, and it is a much more beautiful and better journey than struggling alone.

Because you won't lose more money and faith

My goodness, how much money have I spent trying to lose weight! How disappointed I was when I always gained weight back! If you work with me, you don't have to spend more money on this, and you don't have to be disappointed! I will teach you everything you need to lose weight. Save money and don't be disappointed again!