Say goodbye to binge eating in 10 steps

I've struggled with brutal binge eating myself, I know how you feel... This program is a complex, comprehensive and practical way to help you get rid of out-of-control eating and shame. A whole new quality of life awaits you, sign up for your first free session and break free from the prison of food!  


Binge eating treatment

This is your program if you...

Struggling with binge eating

This 10-step programme is for you if you're struggling with binge eating. The aim is to free yourself from feelings of loss of control and finally take control.

You often lose control

One characteristic of binge eating is a feeling of loss of control. To this day, I remember what a terrible and frightening state it is. But by the end of the programme you can get rid of the problem. Believe me, a new life awaits you when you break free from the prison of binge eating. You have the key, I'll teach you how to use it.

You feel shame

Deep feelings of shame, guilt, self-blame and self-flagellation over binge eating certainly don't make your daily life any easier. If you're experiencing similar feelings, you're in the right place, because we'll be covering them in detail.

You are ready for change

Feedback suggests that this program covers everything you need to get rid of binge eating. But it's no secret: hard work is the only way to get results. Ask yourself: am I really ready for a life without binge eating?

If you're worried about a binge in the morning

It's a brutal feeling when your first thought in the morning is: will I have another binge today? This condition makes your days miserable and you can't even enjoy the good aspects of life in a positive way. I say let's fight the beast together!

Binge eating prevents you from losing weight

If your goal is to lose weight, binge eating will certainly be a barrier to achieving it. Worst of all, you may feel you have no willpower and no control. And this inertia is eating you up. Enrol in the program, get rid of the binge eating and achieve your dream shape.

The more I lose control, the harder I want to get it back, but I find that I end up losing it...

But Anna,

I don't know what to do if...

...I'm already worried in the morning about when I'm going to have a binge.

The coaching program offers specific and effective strategies to help you manage your worries and anxiety. With my support and proper guidance, you will increase your sense of self-control. I am confident we will get to the bottom of it.

...I feel terribly guilty and ashamed after the binge.

The program is designed to improve mental health and help you get rid of guilt. Just sharing what you are struggling with is a big step. I know shame is a painful condition, but we can work through it.

...all I dream of is to lose weight and be happy.

The program also includes a lifestyle change component, which I add as a bonus. When you're free from binge eating, you'll get a personalised plan to help you lose weight. You win double!

...I have no willpower, I'm afraid of getting even more fat.

I know, I know. I was in exactly the same situation. However, when it comes to binge eating, it's almost certainly not your willpower. Find the root problem and eliminate it. And we strengthen your willpower. This programme will give you the ammunition for life, sign up now!

If at least 1 statement is true for you, then apply!

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