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Are you also affected by overweight, emotional eating, binge eating? If yes, you are in the right place! The internet has almost all the information you need to help you get rid of these problems. That said, it may not change anything in your life. Well, that's where I come in. I have taken the teachings of world-renowned experts, the information available, and spiced it with my own experience to create programs that are sure to help. 

Glad you're here! I am Anna Kesztelyi!

Meet your coach - Anna Keszthelyi

My mission is to put knowledge in your hands that will give you strength and security for the rest of your life.

At 120 kilos, depressed and eating crisps on the sofa, I realised that the years of experience as a trainer and the knowledge I had gained in dietetics were not enough to deal with my diet addiction. I didn't understand: I knew everything, what to eat, when to eat it and how much, but I couldn't stick to it. But then where was the problem? After about three years of working with many professionals and helpers, I have found the path to recovery, and now I am fully committed to helping you!

– Anna

Főoldal Keszthelyi Anna

Ready to finally achieve the level of health and fitness you've always wanted?

Here you get the support and the knowledge to achieve your dreams!

What challenge are you facing now?

As difficult as it is now, I believe there is a solution to your problem. I have been fighting for my dream shape for over 10 years. All my life my focus has been on weight loss and appearance. It got to the point where I found myself completely broken, with eating disorders, depression and morbid obesity. I don't want you to waste that much time! Life is wonderful, don't miss out! How can I help you?

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Főoldal Keszthelyi Anna

Self-monitoring sheet

The self-monitoring sheet is the alpha and omega of dealing with food-related problems. The solution is within you, and looking inward helps reveal patterns. Fill in the sheet every day for at least 2 weeks and get closer to a solution.

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My eating habits

The present moment is the result of your habits.This exercise sheet encourages you to be aware of both your bad and good habits. Once you have a clearer picture, you can start changing bad habits for good!

Főoldal Keszthelyi Anna

Weekly planner

Planning your weekly meals in advance is a very underrated routine. Plan what you're going to eat, how much exercise you're going to do next week! And if for some reason you don't stick to the plan, contact me and we'll find the root cause.

Főoldal Keszthelyi Anna

"It started by replacing one meal at a time..."

Every morning I'd get on the scale and if it went up 200 gramms, I'd be in a bad mood all day, and if it was even 100 gramm less, I felt like I was finally on the right track. I got sick of this emotional rollercoaster, I wanted a solution more and more, I started fasting, but later on I started having binge eating episodes more and more often. I was desperate to lose weight, but I was gaining weight... I met Anna through a referral, and after 1 year I know for sure that working with her was the best decision. I got rid of the binge eating and have already lost 15 kilos...

- Edina

Contact me!

Before we start working together, we always have a mapping conversation to get to know each other better and to make it clear to you whether you are really looking for me. Feel free to apply, we will discuss everything in person within the framework of a meeting!