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...I clearly remember eating chips on the couch at 120 kilos, depressed. I don't understand what's happening to me, I don't understand why years of experience as a personal trainer and 3 years of dietetics have let me down? My 10 years of diet addiction turned into obesity, emotional eating and brutal binge eating. That's when I started to realise that there are cases where calorie counting is no longer enough. To get out of this horrible state I needed 4 different trainers, a psychologist and several coaches. I was desperately running from one place to another and it took me 3 years to put together a road to recovery. I have finally arrived, and I am now fully committed to helping women who are in the same shoes as me. I know that life has placed such obstacles in front of me so that I can overcome them and help others. I have dedicated my life to supporting women like me on their journey. I am learning a lot to this day and I have created programmes that I would have needed back then. I believe that the biological and emotional aspects are inseparable, so I have created complex programs that address the deeper issues that women are struggling with. I am glad you are here! 

Rólam Anna
Rólam Anna

I am often asked what I have invented that makes me different from other professionals. Well, nothing. I'm not an inventor first and foremost, I'm an empirical expert. I take books and studies written by the world's most respected and relevant experts on the subject, learn from them and organise them into useful, practical packages. I do all this through the lens of experience. To this day, I continue to learn and improve my service because I see it as my calling to make solutions available to women like me. 

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What I love most about my job

1. I love people

I've done a lot of things in my life that I found boring, but I've always been interested in people and different personalities. I love people, that's no secret!

2. I am grateful for the results

I am motivated every day by seeing the joy and satisfaction on the faces of my clients. It is fantastic to see someone's life completely changed and I am grateful to be part of it.

3. Free to feel

I would definitely not be able to work as a ticket controller. I have to admit I'm very emphatic, sometimes even tearing up at a client's story. But I also need empathy in my work, which I really like.

What is my goal?

To find sustainable solutions

One of my main goals is to give you a toolkit that will help you throughout your life. We look for sustainable, fully personalised solutions, developing skills. I want to deliver knowledge that supports your goals.

The point is to do it

Nowadays, all the important information is online, so it's not a big deal to know something. Just because you are aware of certain information doesn't mean that your life will change any. I am good at helping you to incorporate knowledge into your life through different exercises, which is the key to long-term results.

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